Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 1

So i figure since this next week and a half will be pretty packed, I'll chronicle each day here as well as in my journal. Today's post will cover my farewell and Monday. Hope you enjoy.

Alright so my farewell... i felt it went really well. At least to me the spirit was really strong. I picked the songs that we sang, at first i had all the missionary songs and then as i thought about it i decided to switch it up, why i didn't know but during the meeting it hit me. The songs went as follows. I Believe In Christ, I Stand All Amazed, and Behold A Royal Army. We sang I Believe In Christ and i felt this comforting feeling and such an amazing spirit. Same type of thing as we sang I Stand All Amazed, it really helped me to allow the spirit to guide and direct me as i spoke. The first speaker was great i loved what she had to say. If you weren't there, her remarks we titled "The Marathon of Life" and she related marathon running to life in general and the mission work it was great! Really invited the spirit even more. Next my Brother and I sang one of my favorite songs "His Love" And it was amazing it was as if Angels were singing with us i felt such a strong spirit. Especially as i began to sing my part in the second verse it goes:
"Gently he beckons and i fall upon my knees, His loving eyes see past my weakness to my needs"
As i sang that i felt the most wonderful spiritual feeling, those words stuck in me and it surprised me i almost stopped singing it was the spirit of our Loving Heavenly Father testifying to me the truth of those words. Why it hit me as we were singing it for the real deal, and not the hundreds of other times i had sung it or heard it, i don't know for sure. But i think it had to do with how strongly i felt the Spirit as we sang. I felt we did well, and everyone said we did. But it wasn't all me all tell you that, i had my talented brother next to me carrying me along as well as the spirit lifting me up.

Alright my talk was on Increasing our Faith in Jesus Christ. I did mostly as planned but near the end it was the spirit telling me what to say not what i planned. It was an amazing feeling and i was so grateful for it. Again i was told i did well, i don't have the time nor space to go into details sorry but ask someone who was there and they'll tell you honestly how i did. Thank you to Friends and Family who were there to support me I love you guys. The rest of the day was spent chillin with family and friends and it was great.

Alright on to Day 1, I slept in till 11:30 12:00 Excessive i know but I'll be missing it for the next 2 years so bear with me. Well i had another appt. today. If you ask me I've had 1 to many already. They ripped my retainers out and sanded the glue down, not the best feeling ever believe me. I watched a couple of baseball games, if you don't know my feelings on baseball, read my post on baseball. Little league and then my good old Cardinals taking it to the Mets. Gotta love it. Then I went and visited the Sponbecks with Ell Bell and Coleton. I love that family! Today we did Muffin Monday, we made good old Blueberry Muffins and they tasted great, Sorry no pictures i forgot to take out my camera. But we visited with Kent Vicki and Staci. And it was just great! After watching a Slide show of "the guys" Ell and i went to play some Ultimate, Nate Rubens last game. It was great i just love that game! After we hit up the 7-11. Do they have 7-11's in Germany? I'm gonna miss Slurpee's if they don't. Maybe i should check that out. Well i came home and had a chat with the parentals, great stuff I'll miss that for sure. So pretty eventful day and I'm hoping all week is like this, but we'll find out. So tune in tomorrow for the hopefully exciting Day 2 dun dun daaaaaa (dramatic ending)


*Jess!ca* said...

So I must confess that when we sang Behold A Royal Army I decided it's one of my new favorite hymns! I just looked at it in a different light. :) Good choice!!! And I am here to vouch for you...you did a GREAT job! Erin and I were talking about how mature you are! Erin said "How can he be more mature than me!?" haha good times!

Ell Larsen said...

o wow yes Belhold a Royal Army was rockin thats for sure! Everytime I hear that song I just think missionary work and am reminded of all the great friends i have out there serving the Lord. Plus thinking of you guys singing it way back at Brocks farewell. How the whole row just stood up together - and the look on Brocks face, priceless! I loved your talk though, very powerful, well done. and monday? ya that was awesome

abbey* said...

Spencer! I heard your talk was amazing. And faith is the basis of everything and it is so important to constantly increase it. what a good topic. I'm sad I missed it. Thanks for the comments. and I know what you mean about Satan. Just when you hit a spiritual high, temptations that never crossed your mind defend virtue. But hey I wanna write you on your mission, address?

Ry and Staci said...

Alright Rog your Day 1 was the best because you came to my parents house! :) It was fun to see you before you leave in a week and I don't think they have slurpees in G-town....See you in 2 years when you get home. I'll tell Josh to let the countdown begin!

Lindsay said...

You did an amazing job at your "opportunity to speak" Rog! Really, the Spirit was so strong throughout the whole meeting. Behold a Royal Army makes me think of you and your boys everytime. It's such a powerful song! I was seriously so upset that I couldn't go to the Sponbeck's with you guys, I was stuck at work.. but i'm glad we got to play a great game of frisbee :)