Monday, July 28, 2008

Week number 2 in the MTC

Alright, so i've been in the MTC for 2 weeks now and i'm still
loving it! Let me recap my week kind of. So a lot has happened
since last week and the days all kind of blend together but we'll
see how well this goes.

The german is coming! I've found as long as i work my hardest, and
use the language it comes really easy. But if i don't use the
language or work my hardest it is just a pain in the butt. But we
have talked a lot about learning a new language, and even when you
are promised the gift of tongues it still means you have to work
for it. The Lord isn't just gonna hand you something for free, he
has done enough of that anyway. So long as i work my very hardest
the Lord will bless me to become fluent in the Language, I KNOW IT!
And i have already seen it happen. Like i said last week,
everytime we pray it is auf Deutsch and whenever we know the world
auf Deutsch we have to use it, if we don't, we won't get a response
from whoever we are talking to. So that helps, the MTC is all
about SYL. Speak Your Language. And i know that it is for real.

Gospel wise, i've learned so much more than i could even imagine.
We taught the 1st lesson again Tuesday and it was amazing. The
"investigator" was really interested in our message and wanted to
read and learn more, it was so amazing how the Spirit guides us in
what to say and teach. I just love it. Also yesterday we went to
the RC (referall center) It is really amazing. We get to call
people and answer phones and tell them about the gospel, send
missionary's and other church stuff to them. But anyway i was
doing outbound calls and i talked to this lady from the South.
Apparently it was the wrong number, the lady we were trying to get
a hold of had moved, and this lady went off on me it was really
funny. She kept telling me that she believed in Jesus our Savior
and Redeemer, and that he Atoned for our sins. And she went off
for like 2 minutes on this. I just sat there, said i was sorry and
that we too believe Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Redeemer.
And that i would make sure to take her off the list. But it was
really funny that she was yelling at me about Jesus telling me
stuff i've known my whole life. Wow you've just got to love the RC.

So along with the gospel it was really cool this past week cause i
have been really sick. It started with a cough a few days after i
reported to the MTC then last Saturday i woke up all stuffed up and
had a sinus Headache. Well i made it through the weekend feeling
like crap and kind of complaining, but not really. Then on Monday
i went to the Health Clinic and got checked out. He made me feel
like an Idiot for getting sick kind of strange but then the doctor
gave me some pills and sent me on my way. Well anyway about Sunday
afternoon, my outlook on this whole sickness thing turned from "why
this, why now?" To "what does the Lord want me to learn from
this?" Well that was about the greatest change i could have ever
made. I started to feel better, and as i humbled myself and relied
a lot more on the Lord i felt stronger, and i never felt the spirt
more then i did from Sunday to Tuesday. Wow because i was relying
upon the Spirit so much and i was doing the best i could i was
truly uplifted. Elder Houston gave me a Priesthood blessing on
Monday Night and it was such an amazing experience and i knew that
what the Lord promised me with would come true. I learned that God
gives us trials so that we can make our selves better. I learned
that without the spirit i am absolutely nothing and it has been
such an amazing blessing. Being sick in the MTC rocks! Well
except for the being sick part, the spirit that came with it was
the best, such a huge learning experience. WOW!!!

So other then all that we have been doing some pretty fun stuff all
around, class 12 hours a day, sleeping for 8, and gym and lunch for
2. Great fun! Oh ya when i was sick, i couldn't play in gym,
after 3 days i was about ready to burst, it was driving me crazy.
All i can say is "gym time is inspired of the Lord"

But i only have 30 minutes of computer time so i need to go. I
love you all so much and i am truly blessed to have you as Family
and Friends. The Church is True no doubt about it.
Love Elder Rogers

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