Sunday, July 6, 2008

More and More Goodbyes

So this past year I have dubbed the year of a thousand goodbyes (you know like Disney's year of a million dreams just not as cool, no one ever dreams of saying goodbye to close friends and family.) Some of you may recall how i don't believe in goodbyes just see-you-laters, but i didn't think the year of a thousand see-you-laters sounded as good. So whenever i say goodbye it really means see-you-later. But really from last summer to this summer has been the year of a thousand goodbyes. I've had some really hard ones, and others that weren't as hard. But today was a hard one, i said goodbye to several of my favorite things, and people.

I started off the day with a hike. My Dad and I went up and hiked around Silver lake and Twin Lakes, up by Brighton Ski Resort. It was prodigious! The mountains are seriously my favorite things. There is nothing like looking up at them and inside i just think "how can you not believe in Heavenly Father with something as amazing as those!" Really i love looking at them, hiking in them, camping, skiing, the whole deal. You can't beat these mountains i don't care who you are. Well we got up and it was a cool 66 degrees. The mountains were as green as i had ever seen them, and there was still a ton of snow, for it being July 5th it was stellar.

Ya it was that green!

Postcard anyone?

So my dad and i had a great talk. It was killer, he told me about a lot of the things to expect, and i got to ask him any questions i had. It seriously helped a lot, i haven't been really nervous about what i'll be doing but there were a few things. And now i feel great. I know it is still gonna be a shock but at least i sort of grasp what is about to happen in my life. So we walked around silver lake then took the hike up to twin lakes reservoir. Just look at these pictures.

That was amazing, such an awesome hike. So i said goodbye to my mountains and that was rough. I know that i'll see mountains, and not just any mountains but the Alps but really i don't know if you can compete with what we've got.

Well after the hike i just kinda chilled all day, took a much needed nap, and hung out with the fam. I went and ate at Hires with my little brother, and that was great. I really do love Hires, i've got some great memories there. After we lit of some fireworks just for kicks, come one you've got to love playing with fire. (but only in safe environments. Remember only you can prevent forest fires.)

And then i went and did one of my favorite things. I met up with Ell Brooke and Lindsey, and we hit up the sconecutter! Let me just tell you world, these three girls are amazing! Really i was truly blessed to have such stellar friends! And these three especially since i got back from school and most my guy friends were gone on missions. They were there for me. Playing frisbee with Lindsey and Ell. Having great talks with all of them, playing the question game, watching crazy awesome movies like little giants, and going to sconecutter. Some of my greatest memories include these three ladys and i wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks, you guys rock! But tonight like i said we hit up sconecutter, and just talked. We went up and sat on the overpass between the Jr. High and High school, it was great. Here are some pictures from the event.

Linds and Ell doing "the brock"

Sconey Island, great times in there.

Hey i'm taking a picture!

The only thing that would be better then this night would be to have Brock Josh Preston and Alvin there with us. This was definitely the hardest goodbye since the guys left. Thanks again ladys for putting up with me, and being so amazing. I'll miss you a ton and like always, this isn't a goodbye just a see-you-later!


Ell Larsen said...

wow you're quick with the post! love it! You're right the only thing to make it better would have been all the guys. But on the other hand what could be better than all our best friends serving the Lord? One day we'll all hit up "the place" together again though, mark my words. Rog thank you so much, truly flattered as well as honored to have had the opportunity to get so close. Really will miss you, and I'm going to have to step up my game in the writing department or I'll lose track of you all! wouldn't want a tragedy like that. now that this is officially the longest comment EVER I'll just say love ya tons, and we'll toss on Monday, plus we gotta get a picture by the tree right? No better place to say see ya later than southwood, i mean its where everything else happened right?

Lindsay said...

I love those pictures from your hike! Way gorgeous. I was so glad we finally got to go to "the hang out" together. It is so fun with all the guys there too- some day :) And we will take a picture of Brock eating his French Dip-Ellen and I didn't do justice. lol Thanks for all you've done Rogers. I've looked up to you so much and know you're going to be a great missionary! I've always loved being around you and am proud to call you my friend :) Can't wait to toss later!

abbey* said...

WOW! that hike looked amazing! And "The place." I've heard a lot about it. I guess goodbye? Weird. You'll be amazing. And i'll just get your address from your last post. :) I'll pray for ya!