Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 5? I'm not sure i kinda lost count.

What up world? Happy 4th of July! I sure enjoyed it cause i'll be out of the country of the next 2. My father so lovingly pointed out that all the things i did today probably won't happen for another 3 years depending on my return. So here's whats up.

So if you know me at all, you know that i am the furthest thing from a morning person. So usually i sleep through parades. Why must they be in the morning, i say we have a parade at dusk. Make it an electric parade like in Disneyland. (note the electric parade is no longer in Disneyland but in California Adventure) But ya wouldn't that be cool. And on the 4th there would be fireworks over the parade or after it either way works for me. Well i decided since this will be my last 4th that i would go to the parade. News Flash, i should have stayed in bed! I mean really i was pelted with crappy candy over and over again, there were like 4 real floats, and the rest was stuff i could care less about. Not to mention the old guy sitting next to my family who felt he needed to pass his ideals onto every float car or person. This is how it happened every time, mind you there were 100+ entries.

Old Guy (OG): " Is that an All-American car!?" usually twice per car. And if it wasn't a ford, dodge, or Chevy he would yell at the driver or kids in the car that they didn't belong in the 4th of July parade. Or something to that extent.

OG: "We want our oil, and we want it now!!!!" Every time a government official of any kind walked past this was yelled, and each time he seriously wanted an answer.

OG: "That's not how you wave!!! Your not doing it right! (childs name) show them how to do it!" Tell you what if i'm on a float i'll wave however i want! Deal with it.

So anyway the parade was really annoying and sleep would have been a much better option.

Well after the parade i took a nice nap, just think of all the sleep i missed while listening to this guy yell at parade floats. But when we all woke up we went and hit up the fun days at Murray park. I've never been so this was a first, we did have a great pulled pork sandwich. That was the highlight i promise. So since fun days wasn't all that fun, the fam went and got a snow cone from Island Flavors. Oh i love this place. Putting cream on top of a snow cone, and then in the bottom is a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. BRILLIANT!!! You've got to love that. Then we went and saw Kung Fu Panda. I really like this show, pretty much i just love Jack Black but really it is a great film.

And to end the day we lit some fireworks, which i've noticed as i've grown up that they've gone down hill. It used to be so exciting, and i still love to do them. I mean what boy scout doesn't like to play with fire, but still they were a whole lot cooler as a child. And finally the one thing i love to do on the 4th, watch the fireworks at Murray Park from my roof. A few years back i decided i was sick of only seeing some of the fireworks from our front lawn, so i pulled out the ladder jumped on the roof and ever since then that is what i do.

This is a Disney Firework, but you get the gist.

I think i love it so much because it gives me an excuse to get on the roof. For some reason i really just love sitting on the roof at night, during the day it is blasted hot so don't try it, but at night... much love! I've decided that my house will have a window that opens up to the roof, so i can just go out and chill on my roof, look at the stars or whatever. That's how i do world. Let me know how your 4th was and i'll catch you on the flip flop. (josh isn't even here and he still gets me saying things like that. Gotta love that kid!)

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