Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Alright everybody, i arrived well in Aachen and it is great. My companion is Elder Gragg and he is way cool. He goes home New Years eve so i only get to serve with him for a short while but it is good i have already learned a lot from him. So Aachen is so Beautiful!! I love it. It is really cold but it is basically that way around all of Germany, so i'm just holding out for spring. Our apartment is like 10 times bigger then my old one, like i'm talking we have a downstairs, and also we have a flippin Organ!!!?? I walked in and saw it and was like HUH?!! But it totally works and i like to go over and play some stuff here and there it probably annoys my companion but i only do it here and there when we have a spare second which isn't to often. But it is so cool that we have an organ, a guitar would have been better but hey how many people can say that they had an apartment with an Organ in it. Also the ward here is super cool, really small but i love it. Don't get me wrong i was sad to leave Duisburg but i really do just love Aachen! We have a really cool investigator Torsten he is a retired US Marine. But he is actually a german. He lived in the US for 10 years and for 5 of it he was a Marine. He speaks perfect english and he is just about the coolest guy that i have ever met really it blows my mind how cool he is. whatever we teach him he thinks about it listens to what we have to say and the spirit testifys and he likes it. Or at least it makes sense to him either way he is so cool.Well that is about it thanks everybody for your love and support. I hope to hear from you all for Christmas. And Remember why we really Celebrate Christmas. I know that Jesus Christ came to this earth for us and as long as we have faith in him we can return to live with him our Father in Heaven and our Families for eternity.
Love Elder Rogers

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