Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aachen here i come!!!

Alright once again world i don't have much time because i am being transferred down to the beautiful city of Aachen right on the boarder of Belgium and the Neatherlands and i might be able to visit both and it is totally okay because portions of both countries are in our mission hahahaha i totally love it. But this means that i have to get my apartment ready for two new elders because this area is getting whitewashed. So deswegen (sorry sometimes german just starts to kick in) that is why this is so short. But i'd love to hear from you all especially during this christmas season. And to those of you who have written i will try my hardest to write today but i promise i'll get back to you. And if you send anything between now and next tuesday send it to Frankfurt the address is

Germany Frankfurt Mission
Cornelisstrasse 18
60325 Frankfurt am Main.

or just email me at elder_srogers@myldsmail.net
Love you all! i know that this church is true. Keep it real.Elder Rogers.

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