Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well everybody i am off to Frankfurt after a short stay of 6 weeks in Aachen. I am kind of sad to leave because we have a baptismal date for the 31st of January. But this is what the Lord wants and i am so excited to go. My new companion is Elder Kimball he is one of the AP's, I will be one of the AP buddies. Basically I have two comps Elder Kimball and Elder Stimpson. I will be with Elder Kimball unless he and the other AP are off doing stuff for President Ninow, then i will work with Elder Stimpson. I am way excited and i know that the Lord answers prayers and know each of us individually because, I have been praying for a hard working companion, and the Lord knows that i needed one cause i have been at wits end with elders who are more here to vacation then to do the Lords work. But now I know for sure that i have companions who will work. We'll see how things play out.And just incase anybody has sent stuff to me in Aachen and i haven't got it yet, no worries, another plus of an AP comp is that he will be up here for ZoKo so anything i missed will still get to me. But just so you all know you can now send stuff to:Elder Spencer RogersCorneliusstrasse 1860325 Frankfurt am MainGermanyCan't wait to here from you all. I hope your all enjoying your time back in school. Have fun!!

Elder Rogers

P.S. Thanks everyone for you emails and Letters they really do mean so much!!

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