Tuesday, January 6, 2009

God answers prayers!

Hey i just wanted to share a quick story with all of you it is kind of funny but it illustrates that God answers our prayers even for little things.

Yesterday we went by on a member to help him out with something, well as we were leaving he came out with us to say goodbye and closed the Door behind him. He locked himself out. We were running late for another appointment, but we decided we needed to help him out. So i said a prayer asking the Lord the his door would be opened. Well Elder Reichard happened to have on him a Leatherman pocket knife. The ones with the plyers screw drivers, saw basically an all in one thing. Well he trys to Jimmy the door open kind of the Credit Card thing but with a knife, it doesn't work. Well i look down and notice that the door handle has screws on it, so i say unscrew it, he does but at first it doesn't look like it helped at all, Then i noticed that there was like a Nut type thing and i figured it was the back off the Door handle, i had a feeling that if we turned that hard enough and pushed the door would open. Well Elder Reichard tried, no luck. So he gave it to me and said "Here you try!" So I took the plyers got a hold of the tiny little nut, and twisted and pushed, and sure enough the Door popped right open no problems. It was so sweet. The Lord answers prayers, even if it is to break into a house (granted the owner was right there with us.) I know that if i wouldn't have humbled myself and prayed that door wouldn't have opened, or we would have had to blow it off its hinges. The Lord loves each of us and will help us no matter what, we just need to have the faith, then humble our selves and he will lift us up and give us the Love and help we need. This church is true and God loves all of us no matter what.

Elder Rogers

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