Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Crack down Begins!!!!

The Crack down Begins!!!!

Alright world can i tell you that right now i am about the happiest most excited person on the Planet!!!! I honestely don't know where to start but hopefully this comes out right. First of all Schwester Banda (our investigator) came to church this sunday!!! All 3 hours that is huge and she totally loved it. The ward welcomed her in and helped her along basically Elder Armstrong and I just watched and let her go, it is so much better when the ward does most the work that way when we go she still has a really strong base to work off of. During the 2nd hour we did an investigator class that our GML (gemeindemissionleiter or ward mission leader) taught it was on the Plan of Salvation and it was absolutely amazing. To start off he wrote on the board Das Plan der Erlösungs and asked what we thought it was. Schwester Banda raised her hand and said "I think it is a plan that our Heavenly Father has for us so we can be happy and return to him" O Meine Gute!!! She is just so awesome. After Sacrement she had to leave pretty quick so we didn't really get a chance to talk with her about it but we are meeting agian so it is fine, and also she was there for all 3 hours that is huge considering for her church was 45 minutes and then heading out. So awesome, we haven't committed her to baptism yet but if the spirit dictates it will happen on Thursday. I'll let you know how that goes down. Alright so that is just one reason why i'm so happy, the other is that tomorrow is ZoKo (zone conference) with Elder Kopishka(sp?) he is in our area presidency. I am so excited it is going to be great. One I am really excited because it sounds like President Ninow will be cracking down and shaping this mission up. I absolutely love it, this mission needs it bad, we have a lot of "black" missionaries, that means that they break a lot of rules that are in the white handbook. Opposite of white is black hopefully it makes sense. Anyway i am so excited because that means that everybody will be stepping there game up or going home cause i am positive that is what it will come down to. It will be so great. This mission we are told is the only mission in the church that is losing more members then it gains. Membership over here is actually going down, and with what I've seen missionary work wise, it makes sense. The last mission president was really lax and it makes sense because he was on his mission for 5 years before he went home but now there will be some changes and the culture of this mission is really going to change. Like i say i am about as excited as anyone can get. So that is basically why i am so excited, plus with the emails i got today i found out the utes are 10-0 totally beat tcu who was the only other undefeated team in conference play, we are ranked 8th in the BCS which i absolutely hate but hopefully this year it will be good to us. Also 2 more Murray guys are coming to show Germany what is up. That brings our total to 7. And Christmas is coming!! And Germany knows how to celebrate Christmas!!!! So unbelievably cool.

Okay EllBell thank you so much for the Email it really means so much, i opened it up and read it and i almost started jumping and screaming in the Internet cafe. So awesome!Everyone else i'd love to hear from you.Missionary life is absolutely amazing all you have to do is work you hardest follow rules, and the Lord will bless you. I know this chruch is true with all my heart, I know that the Lord has a plan for us and we just need to ask him and we will know right what to do. Love you all thanks for you love prayers support and letters. Keep it real.Elder Rogers

P.S. If you happen to be in Murray Utah this weekend go the Murray High Thursday Friday Saturday and Monday night and check out the Play, they are doing Peter Pan, It starts at 7:00 pm and my little bro, Jonathan, is playing John.

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