Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay so this last week we had Zone conference(ZoKo) and it was just stellar. Total cool (it is a german phrase gotta love it) So thank you all who are out there supporting me through prayers and letters i love you all so much. Thank you Rose for you letter i got it last wednesday it was great and i'll for sure be getting back to you. But let me tell you all about ZoKo.Alright ZoKo, it was absolutely amazing!! Really we got down to Düsseldorf and in the stake center ready to go but we just kept waiting and waiting but it turns out that President and Sister Ninow and Elder Kopishca took a wrong turn and ended up 50 Km out of our mission. So they were about 45 minutes late. But it is a good thing that President and Sister Ninow had an area authority with them because you can only leave the mission with permission from one of them. Anyway when they got in we started right away because we had a ton to learn. We got all the lame business out of the way and then Elder Kopishca came up and he began to teach us. It was so fantastic, the first thing he said is that when he walked in and shook all of our hands that he felt a mixed spirit in the room, excitement, nervousness, and everything else that comes with a big event. And he told us to write down what we expected to get from this zone conference and that by the end of the day we would get out answer to what we wanted, it was really cool because i did just that and sure enough by the end of ZoKo i had my answer it was really cool. But then he jumped into talking about faith. He told us the he doesn't believe in disobiedent missionaries, just missionaries that lack the faith. He gave the example of a missionary who continually doesn't get up on time. He asked us what we would call this missionary, we said lazy, disobeident, tired, etc. And he told us that all those answers were not correct. He said that this was a missionary that lacks the faith. This missionary thinks that it won't make any difference whether he wakes up at 6:30 or 6:45 or 7:30. But if we have the faith that it does then that makes all the difference. Then he told us that we need to stop just doing missionary stuff and actually do missionary work. We need to use every moment of our day to do the Lords work, And we need to work towards something. He told us to everymorning set our alarm for 6:29 and then for that minute before we have to get out of bed we invision a young man between the ages of 17-23 dressed in white waiting to be baptized, and then to pray and ask the Lord to find this person today. And he promised that if we do this everyday, we will find this person and bring them into this Gospel. We were told that we were not able to leave this mission until we baptize our replacement. And when we have the faith that they are out there and are ready we will be able to find this person. And it was so cool because the next day I did it, i woke up and invision this person, and then when we went out relying on the spirit for where to go, the first person we talked to, Thomas, he fit exactly what i invisioned. We set up an appointment right there on the street. It ended up falling out but still it was such an amazing experience, we are trying to set up another appointment now to meet with him.Also elder kopishca also talked to us about how we need to stop wasting our time with people who are not interested and start relying on the spirit to talk with those who will be interested. Really it was just amazing i leared so much and i probably could go on forever, but i think i painted an okay picture of what it was. Thanks for all you do i'd love to here from you out there. Let me know how you doing and what is going on in America, enjoy thanksgiving. i know i'll be missing it, enjoy an extra helping of everything for me. Keep it real, and I'll catch you on the flip flop.Elder Rogers

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