Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Something Worth Checking Out

So as a side note to what i actually want to say, did anyone notice that the last three titles to my last three posts had exclamation marks on them.  Strange, i mean I'm all for showing enthusiasm, but it surprised me three titles in a row with an exclamation mark... maybe a little over used.  It reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld, you really don't want to overuse the exclamation mark that's a dangerous game, because pretty soon the actually meaning of an exclamations mark is gone and all it ends up being is just another period with a line above it.  And i for one do not want to see that happen, because then to actually show that your a little  bit excited about things you've got to start throwing on 2 3 or dare i say 4 exclamation marks to make your point.  I for one don't have the time or money (have you seen the price on ink cartridges lately, freak those things are expensive, i find i just don't refill.  I think I'm going on 3 months now on EXTREMELY LOW black ink cartridge.  My printer may not be to happy but my wallet is.) for that to happen. Now I'm not saying that we shouldn't use the exclamation mark, i just feel it might be something we should think twice about before we just throw it out there.  We walk a razor thin line my friends and i for one don't want to fall off.

Now for something we should be using exclamation marks for...General Conference is this weekend!  Now that is exciting stuff.  I just love General Conference always have.  Granted the reasons for loving it have evolved over the years.  As a child it meant that on Sunday i didn't have to get dressed in church clothes and i would do the whole church thing in my pajamas sitting on my couch in the comfort of my own home.  That was the life as a kid, at any point you could stand up go grab a snack and no one gave you weird looks.  The next stage of my love for General Conference was going to Priesthood session with my Dad and my Brothers.  It was just great to go, and then of course right after go to Hires to fulfill a long lived tradition.  At this point i think i may have been more excited about Hires then Priesthood session, but none the less i was still excited about priesthood session. 

The next stage came right before my mission and the intensity of my love just grew while i was on my mission.  I had received my call March 26th 2008 and just a week or so later was able to watch General Conference, and i even took notes cause i was just so stoked to go tell everyone i could that we have a living prophet today, that the priesthood has been restored, and that God has a plan for us.  While i was on my mission i gained a new appreciation for Conference because i no longer had the luxury of  sitting at home in my PJ's.  Conference meant 2 full days of serious travel trains, buses, a nice walk and finally you were able to hear from the Prophet and Apostles of God!  Seeing the sacrifice that some people made in order to attend Conference really opened my eyes to the importance of this great meeting.  And here i am today filled with that fire just waiting to hear what the Lord wants for me for the next 6 months.  So to whoever out there reads this, i invite you to hear for yourself what the Lord has to tell us through his living Prophets, it's gonna be sweet!

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