Friday, March 18, 2011

World Record!

So yesterday up here at good old Utah State as a part of geek week, we set a new world record!  What we did was drop 20,000 bouncy balls 100 feet out of a flying helicopter.  That is pretty cool in and of itself, but for some reason i think my favorite part is i got out of my German class early to go and see it.  I have to admit i was expecting something a lot cooler, but for anyone that has seen this Sony Bravia ad, who wouldn't when it comes to bouncy balls. 
So this commercial is super legit, and probably one of the best ads I've seen, mostly cause they have a legit song by Jose Gonzalez playing. ("Heartbeats" i highly recommend checking Jose out)  And they actually did this in San Francisco, this is not CGI.  Also if you have the sudden urge to purchase a Sony Bravia TV that is totally understandable, my family owns one, and it may or may not be because of this add...okay it probably isn't but who really knows.

But here are some pictures and a video of the world recording breaking experience.
The helicopter that dropped the bouncy balls.

So i realize now that i should have taken a picture of the crowd, because there were quite a few people, and tons of kids, but with the prospect of a bunch of free bouncy balls, what parent wouldn't take there kids to see this?!

And here is a video that i took.  I hope you can see, i apologize in advance for the quality of the video and the fact that you have to turn your heads, sorry!  But you can kind of see when the balls are first dropped.

Ya i was hoping for a bucket drop.  Like the forest fire fighting helicopters, when they dump the fire retardent out of the buckets.  That is what i was hoping for, alas it was not so, but now they know for next time.  And yes world if you were wondering i did score some swag from this event, mainly a piece of a world record and here it is!

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