Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things that Chap my Hide!

Well to the 6 of you who read this (and by saying 6 i am being pretty generous) buckle up cause i feel a good rant coming on.  It is just one of those weeks, so sit back and prepare yourselves to be blown away by the things that chap my hide March 22 edition.
  • People who stop in groups on the 3 foot wide sidewalks, and refuse to step aside to let people pass.  Seriously people the world does not revolve around you, and unlike you the rest of us have a class to get to, and i don't know about the next guy but i really don't want to step in the mud on either side of you.
  • Laziness.  Now hear me out here, cause i know some of you will say "Hey have you never been lazy in your life!?" and of course the answer to that question is yes i have, and every once in awhile it is nice to take a little break and just relax.  But when the extent of your day is sitting on the couch idling away your time and occasionally getting up to maybe go to class, i'm done with you.  Get up, go live life, experience the joys all around you but please get up off your lazy butt and do something!
  • A sense of entitlement.  I was taught by my father the value of hard work, if you want something you work for it.  So i am so done with people who expect to be given everything in life.  Now don't get me wrong every once in awhile you need help, and i know my parents have done so much for me, i know i will continually be indebted to my parents for the rest of my life.  But they did not just hand everything over to me, i was expected to behave and pull my weight.  So you people out there that just expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter...get over yourselves and work for something for a change.  I am seriously done with you people!
  • Disorganization/Dirtiness.  I walked into my apartment today, and as a bit of a preface, this week is the week my professors decided to have papers due and give tests.  So i'm already a bit irritated, and done with this week.  Friday cannot come soon enough!  So as i said i walked into my apartment during my break in classes to make up a little lunch.  And our apartment was just a solid mess!  Now i've lived with this for a semester and a half, and normally i just grin and bare it.  I just figure whatever i'll clean it up.  But today i was just done with it!  Summer cannot come soon enough...at least for this aspect.
So those are some of the main things that are chapping my hide at the moment.  And to end on a somewhat happy note here a few of the things that have made me smile lately.
  • Free Aggie ice cream at the TSC for filling out a survey! 
  • Kid booking it down the hill while i was on my way to class, i'm not sure where he was headed but i am sure he got there super fast!
  • My polysci professor moving our test back to Friday instead of Wednesday.
  • Music, listening to/playing
  • My Dwight Schrute stress ball
  • Spring Rain


Rob Nelson said...

I need a dwight shrute stress ball

P Witt said...

YES! I love rant posts. These are my favorite.