Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Car Show '08

Hello People of Earth!! Today i did one of my most favorite things to do. I went to the Car Show and got to look at/sit in some pretty sweet cars that i will probably never own. The Car show has been a tradition in the Fam Bam for several years. It started out with my Grandpa and I going when i was some age younger than i am now. I loved it. It was how my Grandpa and I connected we both really loved cars. Well after that first time every year over MLK Jr. Day break we would go to the Car Show. Things have changed a bit now. It is now something that i do with the boys (as my mom lovingly says) My dad and now my two younger brothers. Sometimes it is a pain cause they have to sit in all the cars even the ones that aren't cool. But i love it, and I'll miss it when I'm gone. This year we added one new member to the crew my mom came and it was really fun even though it was no longer the boys. Oh and one day i will go to the Detroit Car Show.

I've got a bunch of pictures so I'll post a few of my favorites. But first i would like to rant about something.....E85 ethanol/all the fuel crap. THIS REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS!!! Everybody thinks that the answer to all our fuel problems is Corn, well crops in general, but mostly corn. WRONG!! there is no answer to our fuel problem at least not an easy one like "Hey lets put that there alcohol in our cars and run on that he he he he!" (that was some moron somewhere i just know it) The problem with using corn is hey now the price of corn to eat goes up and from there all prices go up. Stupid also Hydrogen Fuel cells granted I'm not an expert and at one point i thought this was the answer. But no, just because it doesn't emit toxic fumes that Al Gore as told us are ruining our planet. That is a rant for another day. doesn't mean that we don't pollute a ton trying to get the hydrogen ready to put in our cars, plus i don't know about you but i don't want to be hit while driving a car with pressurized Hydrogen. Well there is a ton more but it frustrates me to much to continue. so my solution. Use up all the oil that we have now. I mean all of it from wherever we can find it. And then force all of us fat lazy Americans to walk around and shed a few pounds. Then because we are so tired one of the lazy's who was just driving from McDonald's to McDonald's will solve all our problems. There you have it folks. Enjoy the pictures.

You can't beat the new camero

This right here is the Murray Pride
Porsche Boxster Sweet!!

I love this car the Subaru Impreza Turbo Charged mmmmmm i can hear it now

I have a belt buckle of this car

The Lotus Line up when can I drive?

The Coolest Car Ever Made Ford Mustang

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