Saturday, January 26, 2008


Listen up people of earth...I just received a wireless guitar set up for free. This thing's list price is a whopping $540 bucks and i got if for free cause my aunt found it at work. How lucky am I. It is missing the Mic but i don't care the only part i want is the guitar stuff so i am set holy cow i am feeling so good right now. I just want to go and try it out but alas i am stranded from my electric guitar. and if only my little bro had an amp for his guitar then i could try it out but he doesn't oh well i'll take it anyday, who said there is no such thing as free stuff. Lies i tell you sure i had to drive over to my aunts house which took all of 5 minutes to get there get the set up and come back home, well worth it i am stoked, this week rocks to the max!!!

I feel like running outside and breaking into song but it wouldn't be cool unless a ton of other people came out and broke into song with me, oh to have you life be a musical it would be sweet. Speaking of this one of my dreams in life, i have many dreams. This one would be on the medium scale as dreams go. Anyway the dream is to be in a big public area like the gateway in SLC, or in Times Square even cooler. And break out into song and dance with a ton of other people could you imagine how amazing that would be, and when the song ends we would all just go on our way. The image would be priceless. One day people it will happen just wait. Well people that is whats up keep it real I'm out

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