Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!!

Hello people of earth! Thats right i am finally back to blogging. I took quite the break and the reason was I was home. At home I have so many other things to occupy my time. Friends Family Movies Video games and all that jazz. And my new years resolution was to keep up the blog, so far i haven't done so great but now i'm back and ready to play. For my next few posts i think that i'm going to rant on a few things that really grind my gears so check it out. Also I feel bad about my blog being dead cause Preston inspired me to blog and i really let him down before the Mission. Thats right now my readership has decreased to i don't know 1 maybe at least i hope its more than that but with Josh and Preston gone i don't know who reads this. My parentals are interested so if you read this Welcome, hope you enjoy.

School is going well but really people, i just want to serve a mission. All my really good friends are either gone or have been sucked into the black hole that is Provo Utah, thats right Alvin (if you read this) I'm talking to you. But it's cool i'm hoping to be staying in logan more often this whole driving thing is getting pretty old. Not driving as a whole, don't get me wrong i love to drive but driving down from Logan and then back up Sucks!! Well thats about it besides in blog news i'm thinking I need a whole new lay out and i'm thinking of adding a media player, i don't feel bad stealing ideas from Preston now that he is gone. So let me know if your out there and be looking out for my rants and i'm thinking of making Story Time Tuesday into a twice a month thing. Its hard to think of my past stories outside of a conversation. Thank you people of earth keep it up!!

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*Jess!ca* said...

oh my gosh! I loved your facebook stalking video! Made my night! haha and I'm glad you're back! :) Thanks to Dallin I will start reading your blogs! :)