Friday, January 25, 2008

Hoo Roo!!!

Hello people of earth, this week is alright by me. In fact I loved it, any week where you only go to classes 2 1/2 days is awesome. School was out on Monday and i didn't have class on Tuesday so I had the opportunity to go to the Civil Rights Day Concert at good old Murray High. I loved it, the singing part. The speakers were...lets just say interesting. This concert is something that I definitely miss about choir. That was the one time I could sing like I was black and not be made fun of. It was awesome I got to see and talk to some people I hadn't seen in quite sometime and I got to sing "Keep Hope Alive" just do it folks. All in all it was awesome.

Well since that was Monday. I came back up to school on Tuesday and let me tell you, not having class is so awesome I wish i could never have class on Tuesday/Thursday, or better yet no class on Friday would be killer. But alas the dream could not last to bad though. Also on Tuesday I finally got the 2nd season of House M.D. "Oh Happy Day!" People House is awesome, I kind of want to be a doctor cause of him but then I think I don't think I could be that heartless to people, but walking with a cane would be cool. So all in all watch House, it will change your life.

This week I got my external hard drive that I bought for a steal of a deal on ebay, what a great site. So now I have all my music on there for safe keeping over the mission. Also I have written the guys in the mission field and I feel better inside for it. Well the week had to end and the end to a good week will always be something that reminds you how good your week was, for me it was finally adding the classes I need to be a full time student. The Prof. were great and let me sign in 3 weeks in so that's good but now, I have to wake up at a decent hour everyday of the week, it will be hard I know but it had to happen at some point. Well that's my week in review people, I really am in such a good mood I don't feel like ranting today so I apologize, I've got a great one cooked up for the future. You'll know when you see it. Well farewell people of earth enjoy your weekend, I know I will.

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