Thursday, June 5, 2008

Backpacks aka the male purse.

World all my problems are solved thanks to a little help from my friend sTu. sTu is my backpack. we met just a few days ago and now we are the best of friends. Whatever i want to bring with me is now possible. I thank rose for getting me on the backpack kick. She suggested a backpack after my tyraid on why i can't carry a purse. and i was in the market for a new one as i need one for the mish and what do you know i came across sTu.

Yes i named him cause really what is something if it doesn't have a name. I name a whole lot of inadament objects. My car "The Exploder" My iPod "the pod" I stole that from Preston but hey he is in Russia by the time he finds out I'll be in Germany. I've yet to come up with an appropriate name for my computer and my camera but you better believe I'm thinking. I chose sTu because it simple name yet says a lot about him, just think about it. Also it could be short for stupendous or something ridiculous like that. Also it is spelled sTu not Stu or stu always sTu. Anyway sTu is awesome and i have him everywhere i go.

I went to the library yesterday and checked out some books, and they are inside sTu right now so i can take them with me everywhere i go. Later that day i went to blockbuster and rented a movie, stuck it in sTu and i was set. And finally i went to work today and everything i needed was inside sTu. I had my keys my pod my camera and 3 books to choose from while i had some downtime. Also i found some bubble wrap sitting around and no one claimed it. Are you kidding me free bubble wrap you better believe I'm all over that. I stuck it in sTu and all is well.

Anyway backpacks are the answer to all those guys out there mad because we can't carry purses. Go get a backpack, name him or her, and take them with you everywhere. That is how it's done world. My pockets are no longer full of a bunch of stuff, and now I'll have Frisbee on me no matter where i go.


Rob! said...

so i'm going to be honest... i thought this entry was so-so.. i could've gone either way on this one.. all the way til the very last line. It was a clincher. I'd love to take a frisbee everywhere i go! good thinkin man, keep it up.

Kelly said...

BINGO! i feel so cool right now. i just love my backpack. i take it everywhere. and then i always have my frisbee, catchball set, and extra clothes (cuz really its summer you never know what will happen). oh and all those times you made fun of my you may fully understand the glory of it all.

spencer i am very happy for you. and for myself for the great idea.

Lindsay said...

I was a little like Rob at the beginning of this post. I was just thinking, yes a backpack would be nice..but it's so big! seems like a pain! But it would be better to have a big backpack than full pockets and arms. Then you pulled out the bubble wrap and the frisbee. I bowed to the computer screen.

ellengenevieve said...

you are a very cool person. i think you already knew, that i knew, that...i knew. lol. i think names for htings are quite possibly the most ingenious things ever. my car for example- the ruby sub. it just gives her so much more personality.