Monday, June 23, 2008

Wilkommen zu Hause! (Translation: Welcome home, at least I think)

What up folks? I'm back home in good old Murray Utah, at least for another 2 1/2 weeks, but home none the less. I'm hoping to break what i want to say into several small post throughout the week, but if i don't succeed sorry. You don't have to read it all, just remember I'll be gone in 2 1/2 weeks and you won't be able to read it. Oh the guilt trip you've got to love it. Well to start off this mini series of post on the same topic I'll start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start. (gotta love Sound of Music)

Alright world, vacations! Some of my most memorable experiences ever have happened on family vacations. Every year, since i can remember as a family we have gone on some form of vacation. Whether it was up to Park City or down to St. George, or on a cruise, we always to do something. It becomes something that we all look forward too. Every year my mom and dad would sit us down and we would discuss where we wanted to go on vacation, of course we would throw out the impossibles every year in hopes that it would fly, but generally we were given several choices and we voted on which we would prefer. We've been to California several times, Florida, Oregon, Texas/Cruise, Illinois/Missouri, Wyoming. Sometimes we drive other times we road trip it. Either way we have a blast. Some vacations are more relaxing others, like the one we just got back from, we are running around all the time. But like i say, no matter how you cut it, it is always a blast. Sure we kids fight and pick on one another, but what is a family vacation without that.

Well my main point out of this is I'm really gonna miss times like these. Doing tons of stuff, all over the country. We just got back from California, i guess it is kind of a tradition now, that before each one of us leaves on our missions we are gonna hit up California. Why not? But it was a blast. That's it for this post, look forward to the next few segments, and here are some pictures from past vacations, well the last two is all i had my camera for, and I'm way to lazy to get my parents camera and do all that.

Always got to have a picture of the mickey. (Disney World '07)

We need a plan navigating Disney World is a science (Disney World '07)

Universal Studios Hollywood '08 (we parked in Curious George, I Love Curious George!)

Mien Bruders und Schwester in law. (i have no clue what in law is in German) Disneyland, teacups at night. '08

The Fam Bam, my last ride on Space Mountain for who knows how long. Disneyland '08

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