Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Part 2 sort of

Alright, note to all readers and fellow bloggers, when spreading out one idea over several posts write down what you want to say. Cause in all honesty when i started this i had ideas for at least 3 solid posts, now i can't remember what the heck else i was going to say. So this will probably be the final post to the series, and i don't even know what I'm gonna say. So here we go.

Alright so as most of you know i just got back from my last vacation for 2 years. We hit up sunny California and all the usual stuff one does in California. I'll chronicle where we went and what we did, throw in a few pictures and call it good.

Day 1: Alright this was unusual for us as travelers, usually we fly in Sunday and start everything Monday. Not so this time folks. We flew over Monday morning, drove to universal studios and hit the ground running. If you've never been to Universal i would say go do it. They've got a couple good rides, great shows, and i love the back lot tour. We saw all the NY city scape burnt down, they were cleaning up and gearing up for a new one. Also I got my picture taken with Curious George, it was awesome. I really want a monkey just like him, just think of the adventures i would have. It would be glorious!
So it was a great day at Universal crowds we minimal weather wasn't to bad, a start to a great vacation.

Day 2: Disneyland. What more do i have to say. If you don't like Disneyland go live in Communist Korea. I mean really when they say happiest place on earth they mean it. You can't beat that feeling when you first walk into Disneyland and walk down Main Street USA. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Just love it! Alright just some friendly advice I'll pass on to you world, so long as you use it responsibly. Agreed? good, alright the best way to to Disneyland is with a wheelchair. Already i'm hearing 2 questions, Why is it the best? and Why did you have a wheelchair?

Well it is the best because Disneyland was built before the Americans with Disabilities Act was applied, so the rides are not wheel chair accessible except through the exits, so if you've got a wheelchair you just go through the exit and skip the line, who needs fastpasses when you've got a wheelchair.

And we had a wheelchair because my little brother had foot surgery and can't really walk all day long. So world we agreed you would be responsible with this advice, that means only get a wheelchair if someone seriously needs one. They only have a limited supply and what if you take one and someone that really needs one doesn't get one, well you've just ruined there day at the happiest place on earth, how does that make you feel?

So Disney was awesome, and on our last day we got those dream fastpass things, which was great because the last day we didn't get a wheelchair, we weren't planning on being there all day so we figured Jonathan could tough it out. It was awesome, and as a huge surprise Saturday, our last day, was not crowded at all, which is really odd for Disneyland, usually Tuesday and Wednesday are the least crowded, which is when our first two days were. And they were super crowded. This is the best picture of the dream fastpass i have, they are the things around my families neck. Basically they get you to the front of the line for all the best rides no questions asked. Also just a side note we were in California Adventure they day the new Toy Story Mania ride opened, and it is awesome way better then the Buzz Lightyear ride. So Disney Rocked as usual and that was where we spent most of our time.

Not so much day 3 as the 3rd and 4th places we went. Sea World and Huntington Beach. Sea world (is that one or two words?) was fun those fish or mammals are crazy insane. Here are a couple pictures from Sea world.

And finally the beach, i apologize no pictures for this one. But i didn't want to chance ruining my camera before i leave for the mish. But it was awesome, Frisbee on the beach and in the ocean. Boogie boarding/ body surfing, and naps on the beach just can't be beat. We watched the fog roll in and out several times which was crazy cool, all of a sudden you can't see a thing, then it clears up to be all bright and sunny. The waves were huge, and would break one after another so if you got taken out by one, you weren't coming up till it washed you up on the beach. So crazy. I love the beach! A couple things on my list of things to do are learn to surf, camp on the beach, and play a wicked game of ultimate on the beach. Also sleeping on the beach is glorious if you've never done it go do it you won't regret it.

Alright folks that was my killer vacation, a last hoorah before i pack up and give myself to The Lord. It was a blast and i can't wait for the many other vacations i will go on in my life, but for now here i come Deutschland! Keep it real world, until next time.

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Kelly said...

ok so the buzz lightyear ride, frigin sick so if i am now let down by the toy story mania ride i blame you for false hope.

also, as a note to fellow disney travelers, wheelchair when it's really busy equals no bueno. i'm sure it was fine when you were there and it was busy, but anytime around the holidays just skip it. trust me been there done that TOTALLY not even close to being worth it.