Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In My Mind, On My Mind, Around My Mind

Alright world I've got a lot on my mind and can't really organize it into anything coherent, so as Preston called it, here is another addition of "mind grapes."

Bikes- I love to ride my bike! It is something that you don't do for awhile then all of a sudden it hits you. This is what has happened to me. I fixed up my bike that I've had since the 5th grade. That thing is a stalwart! The only thing I've ever had to do to it is change the occasional flat tire. And ya i just get a new tire. All the patches and glues and stuff out there just suck they never work for me, and throwing a new inner tube in the tire is so much easier, so that's what i do. My bike isn't anything fancy it doesn't have those new "never feel anything" shocks, i do it the old fashion way, I take every little rock, curb, bump, and i feel it. Sure it may hurt but it reminds me I'm alive. Nothing against shocks, there great but me and my bike go way back and he doesn't need shocks to keep me coming back. So moral of the story go for a bike ride, if you don't like to bike alone give me a call cause for the next 4 weeks I'm so in. (note i am gone all next week, feel free to call and ask but i will respectfully decline, plus you won't be able to call me for the next two years might as well do it now.)

Ultimate Frisbee- How often must i say this, I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Nothing better then tossing around the disc with some friends. Even if there not friends, Frisbee brings people together. If you don't like it I understand i don't like a lot of things, but i understand why people like them and I'll give them a try every once in awhile. Also i just ordered a new disc online and i can't wait to get it sometime this week, nothing quite like getting something new and using it for the first time, no matter what it is.

Time- Never in my life has time meant so much to me. Because I've only got 3 weeks left at home and i have so much i want to do people i want to spend time with and all of that stuff. If your not doing anything give me a call cause I'm always up for an adventure, maybe we could ride bikes, toss a disc, or just talk. Talking till all hours of the morning is one thing i am gonna miss a lot. You learn a lot about people when you up late talking, you should try it sometime, hey give me a call and try it with me. Sounds great. So as a note even if you don't know what you are gonna do, do that with people. Figuring out what you doing is gonna be more fun, and you might just end up talking forever. So Moral of this story, time is short even if you don't think it is. So live it up while you can, when you look back on what you've done you shouldn't regret it at all. Even when all i do is watch TV of sleep i love it cause I'm not gonna be doing that for the next two years.

Friends- I think this is on my mind all the time. Why? You may ask. Well because i have been blessed with the best friends ever. No matter what they are there for me. My whole life I've had the best friends, some of them i don't see a lot, if i see them at all. But we are still friends. I don't know that I've ever really lost a friend that I've been close to. I don't attribute that to me at all, i attribute that to all my friends who put up with all my crap, so thanks everyone you rock and i definitely wouldn't be the same without you. So moral of this story, let your friends know you care, give them a call, write them a letter, blog about them, haha I'm doing that right now (ignore shameless plug) Just let them know is all I've really got to say.

The Mish- This one is always on my mind cause hey i leave in 4 weeks. Wow i can't even believe it, 19 years waiting and the day is only 4 weeks away. I am excited, scared, nervous, anxious, and pretty much any other emotion a person can feel. I am so excited to share something that has brought so much happiness to my life with others. You out there SHARE THE GOSPEL! I've done a crappy job of it hopefully the rest of my life i can do better. Do you know what the definition of Gospel is? Well according to the coolest black man i know it means Good News. If you've got some good news share it! And I can't wait to. I'm scared cause this is gonna be something completely new to me. I can handle change no problem, but changing almost my entire life well that i think would scare anyone. Nervous... well I'm nervous that i won't be as good as i know i can be. I am nervous about a whole new language, about companions who suck, and leaving friends and family. But all that being said I know this is the only thing i should be doing, and I know that if i turn to the Lord he will lead and guide me. Anxious, well wouldn't you be anxious to do something you've looked forward to for 19 years.

Well that is pretty much what is on my mind. Did you notice how many times i told you people to call me and do stuff. Oh the shameless plugs, you've got to love them. keep it real folks until next time, oh and if you don't have anything going on give me a call. (i had to do it one more time come on who do you think i am.)

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Kelly said...

i would call you, and i guess i do, but the whole 5 1/2 hours away thing is kind of...well..inconvenient to my life? ya i think so.