Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm here, and this is the word.

What up world? I'm just chillin here in the big CA! The state that holds or will hold 3 of my best friends, gotta love it. Things have been a blast. We hit up Universal, Disney of course, Sea World, and the beach. Gotta love it! Although it has kind of been bittersweet. The whole trip we'll be having a stellar time, and then i think about missing times like this for the next two years, and I'm really gonna miss it. Vacations have been a huge part of my family life, and some of my greatest memories have been family vacations. I know I'm gonna love serving and i am still way excited to leave, but still i can't help it when everyone talks about how much fun it is gonna be to do this or that, and then the next thing out of there mouth is "oh, you'll be gone." But still can't wait only 2 1/2 weeks to go. I'll post more about the vacation and hopefully some pictures, i realize I've really slacked on pictures so I'll try. But I've really got to use my time wisely.

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